Don’t Let COVID-19 Infect Your Relationship!

Middle aged couple in bed during Covid-19 pandemic

Don’t Let COVID-19 Infect Your Relationship!


With COVID-19, wear your mask, wash your hands, watch your distance is all we have heard for the last nine months. So crazy, right? Just plain frustrating! So how do we maintain relationships, emotional and sexual intimacy, and just being happy during these difficult times? No one has a magic pill nor is just one thing going to fix everything.

I believe every person on Earth is desirous of connecting with another person either physically or emotionally because connectioncan enhance a persons happiness. Being able to share secrets, express feelings, vulnerabilities, and providing an emotionally safe place to listen is important in friendships, couples, and marriages. These expressive actions provide a sense of security, loyalty, and emotional intimacy within relationships.

Losing connection or intimacy WILL lead to mistrust, resentment, (a feeling of lost love) and it will also affect the physical intimacy in a romantic relationship. Prior to COVID-19 couples could go to the movies, meet with others, or just people watch. Those times are temporarily on hold. It is ever so important to place more value, concentration, and appreciation on the relationship you have. Maintaining this commitment takes work and begins with YOU.

So what can you do beginning tonight?

Remembering Self Care DURING COVID-19

Try to remember what life was like prior to COVID-19 and ask yourself were you truly happy then or just so busy you couldnt smell the roses of life? Do you know what really makes you happy? What do you like to do and why? Taking time to figure yourself out gives you the opportunity to determine what your needs are. Once knowing your needs, you can begin to effectively share with your partner what you need from them. Evidence suggests that a couple is generally happier when both parties can share and understand each others feelings and desires.

Put Kindling in the Fire

Many couples have so much more to do under their roof compared to life before COVID-19. Not only do we cook, eat, sleep, and clean our homes. We have also been tasked to to do all things prior to COVID-19 in our homes! This may include working from our homes, educating our children, trying to maintain traditions with extended family, and entertaining ourselves from home. But wait, we are supposed to find time for physical/sexual intimacyhow absurd!

To make the illogical, logical, think of a time when you were fearful or utterly alone. Do you have that thought in mind? What did you think of? What was missing? I am almost certain you had hoped for that special person to be there with you, hug and kiss you, and support you. You desired both emotional and physical intimacy. We as healthy human beings need to make time for physical intimacy. Whether it is sitting close to each other while watching a movie or heating up the bedroom sheets. The need for touch resonates with us all!

happy middle aged couple doing couples yoga during covid-19 pandemic

Remembering who you love

Nothing feels so good as to hearing specific compliments and affirmations from your lover. Doing so can help your partner not feel invisible and acts as a reminder to keep in perspective as to why this person is so special to you. These verbal affirmations can be as simple as saying, I want you to know how much I treasure and love youor I really appreciate the time youve taken to do x,y,z.Taking time to share your feelings and having them reciprocated can lead to greater feelings of emotional connection in and out of the bedroom.

Breaking up your day to day routine

We have all been faced to make new adjustments in our lives during these times of COVID-19. In so many ways having a routine is what keeps us sane. The things remembered and moments that change our lives are not found in our day to day routine. It is in the moments of change that we make the things remembered. It is taking time to impress, understand your partner, and do things for each other that generate joy or intimacy. This can be as simple as enjoying a stroll through the park while eating ice cream together or you could just show up with just becauseflowers.

It is possible to ensure personal safety and contribute to the control of the pandemic while reinventing intimacy with each other. Dont let COVID-19 infect your relationship.

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