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Does Tightness Really Matter?

How important is vaginal tightness to your sexual pleasure?

Women of all backgrounds ask us about tightness every day: “Can you make my vagina as tight as it was before I gave birth?” For most, it’s a combination of having a tighter fit during intercourse with their partners. Even more so, it’s about regaining a high level of self-confidence, in and out of the bedroom!

Luckily for these women – women just like you – we have a solution!

Childbirth is a truly miraculous thing. Motherhood brings so much joy to women everywhere. However, it also takes a toll on your body and can have lasting effects on your sex life.

Happy mother after vaginal tightness after childbirth

Dr. Reed strives to empower women with knowledge, confidence, and options. His advanced vaginal tightening techniques can make a life-changing impact on you, so it’s important to him to take the time to understand your wants and concerns. Though the process may seem complicated and overwhelming, Dr. Reed strives to give you peace of mind.

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a common and very effective surgery that decreases the internal caliber of the vagina. Dr. Reed has performed this procedure on many patients helping them to reinvigorate the sensation of intimacy. It is not uncommon to perform a surgical technique for the correction of incontinence at the same time as vaginoplasty.

So will TIGHTNESS increase your pleasure?

In short, yes! Friction is key to sexual gratification for women. The tighter your vagina, the more friction is generated from your partner stimulating you during intercourse! In fact, you can even determine how tight you want to become during your consultation with Dr. Reed.

What other benefits are there to Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginoplasty can improve unwanted noises escaping the vagina (Queefing) during intercourse and other physical activities. When the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening have decreased, as with vaginoplasty tampons can be more comfortable and stay in place.

Also, incontinence can be a major struggle for women after childbirth. Bladder and rectal prolapse can prevent them from having normal urination and bowel movements. Dr. Reed can fix pelvic organ prolapse at the same time as vaginoplasty, and the procedure may be covered by the patient’s insurer.

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