how to avoid a botched labiaplasty

How to Avoid a Botched Labiaplasty

Avoiding a botched labiaplasty… Choosing your surgeon!

We all begin our searches using Google terms like labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty surgeon, getting a tighter vagina, and what appears? Information regarding energy-based devices, doctor’s names, and other businesses claiming to be the best of the best. How do you navigate through this process with minimal to no medical experience or knowledge and decrease the odds of a botched labiaplasty?

Know your bothers and goals!

Grab a handheld mirror and LOOK. What would you like changed? How much excess tissue do you want removed? Do you want a ‘Barbie’ look or a more natural appearance? Is this procedure purely for functional reasons? Does the skin around your clitoral hood bother you? Are there changes to the perineum that you wish to change? Would removing any hemorrhoidal or skin tags be of interest to you? Knowing what you want to accomplish prior to the consultation will help you ascertain if your particular physician of choice can achieve your cosmetic desires.

Who should be performing your female genital procedure?

The initial thought is my Ob/Gyn! S(he) has delivered my children, has seen my vagina/vulva, and you know and trust them. Sounds perfect!. All you do is trim a little tissue and “boom” your desired outcome is achieved…Right? Nope! Unfortunately, your Ob/Gyn has not been trained to do a labiaplasty. In fact the majority of botched labiaplasties are performed by board-certified Gyn’s in the hospital under insurance with general anesthesia. A plastic surgeon who has a particular interest in labiaplasty is the next best choice. These surgeons have an aesthetic eye, are less likely to botch a labiaplasty, and have decent outcomes. The premiere and ultimate surgeon of choice is a well seasoned Cosmetic Gynecologist and/or Fellowship trained Cosmetic Gynecologist. These physicians only perform female genital cosmetic procedures “like” labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. You will find their website dedicated to cosmetic gynecological procedures. There will be educational blogs, videos, reviews, and before and afters dedicated to female cosmetic surgery. These physicians understand the anatomy, the multiple surgical options available to you, and have mastered the aesthetic eye to perform a labiaplasty based on YOUR anatomy and cosmetic desires.

Arrangements for immediate and ongoing aftercare are important!

Is this discussed to your satisfaction by both office staff and by the surgeon? Do you feel safe? Has your prospective surgeon carefully discussed all aspects of surgical planning, the procedure itself, pain control methods, immediate and long-term recovery? Have each and every one of your questions been answered? Lastly…

Interview the staff of your potential surgeon.

Are the staff kind and knowledgeable? Do they treat you with respect, or are they curt, busy, and display little to no knowledge? As a consumer, you will be interacting with the staff of your potential surgeon more so than your physician. The staff should be well informed and be a consistent resource for answers to your questions. Best of luck as you continue your journey!

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