Sexually healthy couple leaning on each other after perineoplasty


A vaginal or perineal tear from a challenging childbirth can create an unusually open vaginal orifice. This can lead to irritation from tight clothing, reduced self-esteem, and decreased sexual pleasure. A surgical procedure of removing the scarred or loose opening and then repairing and raising the perineum by re-approximating the muscles of the perineal body is called perineoplasty.

Perineoplasty produces a normal approximation of the lax vaginal opening and elevates and tightens the thin muscles of the opening for visual pleasure. It also diminishes the situation where the penis or toy simply slips out. Adding a vaginoplasty further approximates the levator muscles and rebuilds the pelvic floor. These surgeries will also reduce what is known as vaginal flatus (or “queefing”) – passing air from the vagina. Additionally, perineoplasty should reduce the chance of urine loss during intimacy.

happy black lesbian couple after perineoplasty

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