Pellet Therapy

Hormone Balancing with Pellet Therapy in Northern California

Is hormonal imbalance affecting your life, causing a lower sex drive, discomfort, decreased energy, or weight gain? These symptoms can impact people at various stages of life, from those entering menopause to those who have been struggling with these issues for years and are ready for a change.

Understanding Hormonal Imbalance and Its Impact:

Hormonal imbalance can significantly affect your daily life and well-being. It can manifest in various ways, including lower sex drive, discomfort, and weight gain. Recognizing these symptoms is the first step towards improving your quality of life.

Treatment Options for Hormone Balancing:

While there’s no one-size-fits-all cure for hormonal imbalance, effective treatment options are available. Dr. Michael Reed specializes in hormone pellet therapy, a bio-identical, all-natural approach to balancing hormones. With this therapy, our practice optimizes hormonal levels to help you increase energy, lose weight, improve sleep, and invigorate your sex drive.

Dr. Michael Reed: Your Hormone Balancing Specialist in Northern California:

With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Michael Reed is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal hormonal balance and an improved quality of life. He works closely with patients to identify the right mix of hormones to meet their specific needs, continually tracking results to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes.

Common Questions About Pellet Therapy:

  • How long will my pellet last? On average, our Sacramento area patients request a repellet appointment every four months. The duration can vary based on individual factors, such as physical activity and lifestyle. Dr. Reed recommends combining pellet therapy with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the best results.
  • What restrictions will I have after the procedure to place the hormone pellet? Restrictions are minimal, including avoiding soaking in water and refraining from gluteal exercises for three days. This means no spinning, squatting, or lunges during this time.
  • Do patients stay on pellet therapy long-term? Around 95% of patients who undergo pellet therapy continue the program long-term, as they find the benefits to their quality of life outweigh the minor trade-offs.

What to Expect with Hormone Therapy:

Pellet therapy is a simple and non-invasive process. After about six weeks, you should start noticing improvements. Dr. Michael Reed will check in with you to assess your progress, and additional blood tests may be required to fine-tune your treatment.

Don’t let the challenges of hormonal imbalance limit your life. Learn more about the benefits of hormone balancing with pellet therapy by contacting Dr. Michael Reed online or at 530-753-2787.

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