The Truth About Vaginal Laxity!

Woman worried about vaginal laxity in Davis, CA

The Truth About Vaginal Laxity!

Vaginal laxity by definition is a “feeling” of vaginal looseness. This laxity cannot be measured or graded on some sort of scale by the medical community. It is a sensation that is defined by a women’s perception of pleasure during intercourse. Vaginal laxity is common and just about every woman that has birthed a child through the vagina has some degree of laxity. The most frustrating thing about vaginal laxity is no one wants to talk about “IT”!

We as a society are infatuated by sexuality on the inside, yet dismissive of it on the outside. At a young age, we are taught that sexuality is a “hush-hush” matter. Even as a woman in young adulthood, women are taught not to think about themselves, rather remain pure and quiet when it comes to sexual gratification. Women suffer in silence and are told in not so many words to “endure looser and less satisfying intercourse once entering motherhood”. This is a tremendous price for motherhood! Most women have their first baby in their twenties and live into their late seventies and beyond, that’s at least fifty years worth of hardship and dissatisfaction!

Never during my training in medical school, residency and 20 years of experience have I have been taught to tell a man to live with a debilitated penis for fifty years, let alone fifty days. This is easily observed by clinics that specialize in testosterone replacement (hormone replacement therapy) and now the ability to obtain erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Cialis and others with a few clicks on your smartphone.

The medical community will not take a firm stance that sexuality or vaginal laxity is a true problem affecting 75% of women over their lifetime. The medical community does admit to obstetrical/vaginal trauma of childbirth. What do they offer? Kegels, Kegels, and more Kegels. Kegels are only truly helpful to 10-12% of those women who practice them.

So what to do? I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel as good as possible. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to lead a more satisfying sex life. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 100 million acts of sexual intercourse occur each day. Shouldn’t sex be at least fun and an unparalleled pleasure for both women and men? The safe, surgical solution is vaginoplasty or pelvic reconstruction to get tight, because we all know “Tight is Right”.

Prior to childbirth, women are at their tightest. If you placed a finger/toy/penis in the vagina, there was a downward angle of the vagina. This allowed for greater friction between the vagina and the finger/toy/penis rubbing against the G-spot and clitoral body. Your pleasure during intercourse is directly related to the amount of friction created between a penis, toy, finger, and your vagina. After childbirth, this angle is muted and in some cases, the vagina becomes a horizontal tube leading to near impossible friction between the G spot and clitoral body. This illustrates symptomatic vaginal laxity. Vaginoplasty is the women’s Viagra. Vaginoplasty effectively enhances vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. It recreates the angle of pleasure and also decreases the internal and external diameters of the vagina. Vaginoplasty builds up and
strengthens the perineal body and muscles of the vagina leading to more
enjoyable and sexually gratifying experiences.

If you are curious about what options are available to you to help you regain tighter vaginal muscles and correct issues of vaginal laxity while improving your intimate life and confidence, I encourage you to contact me to learn more about how I can help you.
I have always had the vision to provide women with awareness, options and solutions. I take pride in providing a safe space for women to explore choices for their sexual health, rejuvenating their appearance, and improving their lives. I understand the intensely personal and sexual health issues involved in these surgeries and am dedicated to patients having the best outcomes with the highest levels of safety and comfort. If you have questions, please contact my office and make arrangements for a personal consultation!

Dr. Michael A Reed