Dr Michael Reed, female cosmetic surgery and vaginal rejuvenation, Davis, CA

Dr. Michael Reed

Dr. Michael A. Reed has over twenty years of experience in women’s health and is excited to bring his expertise to Northern California and abroad. Dr. Reed has dedicated 100% of his career to mastering the practice of cosmetic gynecology by completing a Surgical Fellowship in Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, and all things related to female genital cosmetic surgery. Having completed his fellowship training he has participated in over 100 surgeries, refined his surgical technique, and has developed an aesthetic eye to understand the anatomical intricacies of genital plastic surgery.

Dr. Reed is dedicated to providing women with the best surgical outcomes by ONLY performing those surgeries involving female cosmetic procedures like Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty. This is why coming to Dr. Reed is so special! Take the next steps in your journey and know that you will be cared for by a skilled surgeon who is compassionate and seeks to provide his patients with awareness, options, and solutions for their cosmetic desires.

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The New Standard in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Michael Reed, female cosmetic surgery and vaginal rejuvenation, Davis, CA


Have total peace of mind, knowing that you are in great hands! Dr. Reed is one of the absolute best in the business!

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Having any kind of procedure is a personal choice. Choosing us means you get personalized and private care from start to finish!

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We know that our clients are our #1 priority. We hold your health, well-being, and happiness in high regard!

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Improving yourself shouldn’t break the bank. With many procedures to choose from, don’t let finances get in the way of your pleasure.

Making a difference for you – and your partner!

Bring happiness and pleasure to you and your loved one!

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