Dr. Michael Reed

Dr. Michael Reed is a skilled cosmetic gynecologist who is passionate about helping women feel confident and revitalized. With over 22 years of experience in women’s health, he has dedicated his career to mastering cosmetic gynecology and staying current on advancements in the field. Dr. Reed completed an 18-month surgical fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Goodman, an esteemed OB/GYN and expert in cosmetic gynecology.

Dr. Reed’s compassionate nature and aesthetic skills have earned him a reputation as a leading cosmetic gynecologist. He takes a holistic approach to patient care, combining non-invasive methodologies with hormone therapies and surgical procedures to deliver thorough and personalized care. His patients include Hollywood A-list celebrities, foreign royalty, working moms, and single women – all seeking awareness, options, and solutions to improve their health and revitalize their sex lives.

As a board-certified OB/GYN, Dr. Reed understands the anatomical intricacies of genital plastic surgery and has an aesthetic eye for creating beautiful, natural-looking results. He listens to his patients’ needs and designs each procedure based on their unique anatomy and cosmetic desires. Patient testimonies confirm that coming to Dr. Reed is a special experience, where they feel cared for by a knowledgeable and compassionate surgeon. Take the next steps in your journey to feeling confident and revitalized with the help of Dr. Reed’s expertise.

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Letter of Endorsement from Dr. Goodman

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt endorsement for the exceptional services provided by Dr. Michael Reed in the field of female genital cosmetic surgery. As a renowned expert with over 22 years of experience in Women’s Health, Dr. Reed has mastered the art of aesthetic gynecology, empowering women to embrace their beauty and enhance their lives.

Dr. Reed’s journey in cosmetic gynecology began with his passion for helping women feel confident and empowered. He underwent an 18-month surgical fellowship under the guidance of Dr. Michael Goodman, an esteemed OB/GYN and a leading authority in cosmetic gynecology. Through this comprehensive training, Dr. Reed honed his skills in Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, and other related procedures, gaining a deep understanding of the anatomical intricacies involved.

With a holistic approach, Dr. Reed combines non-invasive methodologies, hormone therapies, and surgical procedures to provide personalized care that addresses each patient’s unique needs. Whether you are a Hollywood A-list celebrity, a working mom, a single woman, or anyone seeking enhancement, Dr. Reed is dedicated to helping you improve your health, boost your confidence, and revitalize your sex life.

Dr. Reed’s commitment to excellence is evident through the glowing testimonials from his patients. He values open communication, actively involving patients in the design of their procedures based on their anatomy and desired cosmetic outcomes. By staying at the forefront of cosmetic surgery advancements, Dr. Reed ensures that his patients receive the best possible care.

I have personally had the privilege of mentoring and training Dr. Reed, and I can confidently say that he is one of the most experienced female genital plastic/cosmetic surgeons in California and beyond. His expertise extends beyond surgical procedures to include the O-Shot™, Botox, and other female aesthetic procedures. Additionally, he has become a skilled practitioner in Menopause and Sexual Medicine, providing comprehensive care to his patients.

With joy in witnessing Dr. Reed’s dedication to his craft and his compassionate patient care, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Michael A. Reed. I encourage you to take the next steps in your journey towards self-improvement by reaching out to Dr. Reed and his exceptional team.

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Warm regards,

Dr. Michael P. Goodman, MD, FACOG, IF, AAACS

Dr. Goodman

Dr. Reed

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    What patients are saying about Dr. Michael Reed

    botox in northern california - Dr. Michael Reed Davis, CA

    “Love the Botox! He did a fantastic job at placement of the Botox to give me a more youthful appearance. I would definitely recommend his work. I love how I feel when I look in the mirror and it was minimally invasive.” – Snoopy255

    “Awesome experience!!!!! Dr. Reed is great! I was nervous about my first Botox procedure and he took time to explain everything! He made my 40-year-old forehead look 29 again! Thank you Dr. Reed!!!!!!” – eademont

    “Dr. Reed went out of his way to make our appointment comfortable and stress free. He answered all of the questions I had and even informed me of the things I didn’t know to ask. I would definitely recommend his services. He also gave me realistic expectations so that I knew what to expect. I have gotten so many comments about how ‘fresh’ I look.” – llundberg01

    Labiaplasty in Bay Area - Dr. Michael Reed Davis, CA

    “I have had a really nice experience with Dr Reed and staff (Rachel & Nicole). From my initial consult to my surgery and recovery, Dr Reed and his staff have always been knowledgeable, supportive and concerned with my recovery. I am so happy with my results… Thanks Reed!” – Alixxx

    “Where do I begin?! Well, I guess I will start by saying that I typically don’t leave reviews on anything but I was so pleased with my entire experience from start to finish with Dr. Reed and his office that I HAD to share! I have been wanting a Labiaplasty for quite some time now and have been researching a ton. When I saw that Dr. Reed was located close by and had so many years of experience…” – anewwoman20 (read more)

    O-Shot in Sacramento - Dr. Michael Reed Davis, CA

    “I had a great experience getting my O-Shot at Dr. Reed’s office. Rachel was very friendly with my front desk experience as well as getting me prepped for the shot with some numbing cream and ice. Dr. Reed explained how things would go step by step before getting started and the overall process was surprisingly near painless. The worst part was the numbing shot to the clitoris which felt…” – posh_mommy (read more)

    Vaginoplasty in Davis, CA - Dr. Michael Reed

    “I had a vaginoplasty done by Dr. Reed at the end of October 2020 and I am now a little over 8 weeks post op as of writing this review. Like many women, I didn’t know that having vaginal deliveries will alter my vagina forever.” – MarissaMB (read more)

    “I’ve wanted this procedure for years so I am so happy I got it done yesterday. I had 2 vaginal births which destroyed my vagina. In 2015 I had prolapse repair surgery which helped with a lot of the problems I was having but I knew it wasn’t going to address the sexual function issues I had…” – (read more)

    “After having three kids, sex was okay but definitely not as great as before birth. Dr. Reed did a great job meeting my expectations. I’m so happy with my results and my husband has noticed a difference too. Dr. Reed is professional, caring, and listens to his patients’ desires and goals. The staff was wonderful–professional and made me feel cared for. I had a great experience and would…” – posh_mommy (read more)

    “I want to thank Dr Reed’s staff- Raechel and Nicole. This staff is amazing, competent and professional. From my very first email communication, to setting up appointments, to asking questions about my procedures, to assistance with post-operative concerns—-the staff is prompt, courteous and attentive. Dr Reed presents his expertise in a clear and caring manner. He is thorough and it is …” – Imaginative309636 (read more)

    “Dr. Reed and his staff are so welcoming and kind. Dr. Reed was very open and thorough throughout the process. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff in a not so comfortable situation. I am so happy with my Vaginoplasty. I have control of my pelvic floor and vaginal muscles again. There is no stress incontinence whatsoever! It feels almost like a different organ and my partner…” – mamasready (read more)