Lichen Sclerosus

Conquer Lichen Sclerosus with Effective Treatment

Are you dealing with Lichen Sclerosus, a condition that can impact your genital and anal areas, causing patchy white skin that appears thinner than normal? Lichen Sclerosus can be both uncomfortable and concerning, with symptoms such as redness, itching, pain, discomfort, blotches, wrinkles, painful sex, and even tearing or bleeding. While this rare condition can affect anyone, postmenopausal women are at a higher risk. Lichen Sclerosus rarely improves without treatment and tends to recur, making follow-up treatments common.

Understanding Lichen Sclerosus and Its Impact

Lichen Sclerosus can significantly affect your daily life and well-being, particularly in sensitive areas. It’s essential to recognize its symptoms, which often include redness, itching, discomfort, and more. The condition can lead to painful sex and recurrent issues that affect your quality of life.

Treatment Options for Lichen Sclerosus

Although there is no cure for Lichen Sclerosus, effective treatment options are available. Dr. Michael Reed specializes in offering advanced fractional CO2 laser treatment, targeting the affected tissue, usually on the vulva (Labia minora and majora) or perineal skin. The therapy involves four laser treatments, spaced four weeks apart. Patients can expect to experience the full benefits of treatment approximately three months after the final session. Given the tendency of Lichen Sclerosus to recur, annual maintenance is often necessary to maintain the results.

Dr. Michael Reed: Your Lichen Sclerosus Specialist in Northern California

With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Michael Reed is dedicated to helping patients regain their confidence, daily comfort, and improved intimacy. As one of the few physicians in the Sacramento area offering extensive Lichen Sclerosus treatment options, Dr. Reed is the leading surgeon in Northern California specializing in cosmetic gynecology and sexual health.

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