Several things may contribute to sagging in the labia (the skin around the vaginal opening). Pregnancy, genetics, weight change, or ageing, may cause a woman’s labia to sink. That’s why Dr. Michael Reed offers labiaplasty in California. It is a common surgical procedure that revives the labia to a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Labiaplasty is a Single Surgery to Help Women Look and Feel Their Best. Many women opt to have labiaplasty for aesthetic reasons. Patients are not content with the way their loose labial skin looks. This decreases their self-confidence in their appearance and in intimate situations. Labiaplasty results in a firmer, younger appearance.

Laughing blonde woman after labiaplasty

Many women choose labiaplasty with Dr. Reed
for other reasons, like discomfort.

You Have Options

Every patient receives an initial consultation. Dr. Reed will familiarize himself with the patient’s wants and needs. They will create a unique plan together.

Dr. Reed will conduct a physical examination, too. Patients can show him their specific concerns. Labiaplasty can address both the outer (majora) labial lips and inner (minora) labial lips.

What about recovery from labiaplasty?

After the labiaplasty procedure, patients will rest at the facility for a short time. Dr. Reed recommends that a friend or family member drive the patient home. He also encourages patients to reach out to him with any questions or concerns after the surgery.

Shortly after the labiaplasty surgery, Dr. Reed will meet with the patient for an examination. He wants to be sure they are healing well.  Generally, most women take 2-3 days off from work.

Recovery guidelines

Treat the surgical site with ice packs for the first three days: 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.
Use a stool softener to prevent constipation.
Don’t exercise for at least two weeks and then only with medical approval.
Wear loose clothing, avoid using tampons, and do not participate in oral sex, anal sex, or intercourse.
Do not soak in water including bubble baths and hot tubs.

Most of our Davis, CA, and Yolo County patients describe the pain related to recovery as totally manageable. Many women manage postoperative pain with just over-the-counter medications like painkillers. As the nerves heal and the stitches dissolve, patients may feel itching, which they can treat with an antihistamine such as Benadryl, as well as with common lidocaine ointment. These symptoms usually subside after just 7-10 days.

At six weeks after the labiaplasty, patients will have mostly healed. However, it will take four to six months to see the final results of the procedure. Dr. Reed encourages patients at that stage to return to his office to be sure they are satisfied with his work and are happy with the improvements that labiaplasty has brought them.

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