Childbirth can cause changes to the sensation a woman and her partner feel during sex. Delivery can push on the pelvic muscles and weaken them, leading to increased width of a woman’s vagina to the point intercourse feels different or not as pleasurable as it did before. Genetics, gravity and aging may also result in a woman having a wider vaginal opening.

Vaginoplasty is a common and very effective surgery that decreases the internal caliber of the vagina. Dr Reed has performed this procedure on many patients helping them to reinvigorate the sensation of intimacy. It is not uncommon to perform a surgical technique for the correction of incontinence at the same time as vaginoplasty.

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Many women choose vaginoplasty
with Dr. Reed for several important reasons.

A better sex life

With a single surgery, you can feel your partner as you did before having children. Women can choose the amount of tightening to their liking leading to titillating friction and sensitivity that leads to a more enjoyable sex. Maybe you are re-entering the scene of dating and want to get back the confidence and feel more youthful and open to intimacy with a new partner.

Improved comfort

Vaginoplasty can improve unwanted noises escaping the vagina (Queefing) during intercourse and other physical activities. When the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening have decreased, as with vaginoplasty tampons can be more comfortable and stay in place.

More control

Incontinence can be a major struggle for women after childbirth. Bladder and rectal prolapse can prevent them from having normal urination and bowel movements. Dr Reed can fix pelvic organ prolapse at the same time as vaginoplasty, and the procedure may be covered by the patients insurer.

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