Many times women undergo labiaplasty surgery and they are not given appropriate postoperative instructions nor are they given a list of all the things that are necessary for a smooth recovery after labiaplasty.  

At my office, we take the guesswork out of it to ensure a successful recovery.  I start off by first providing a detailed postoperative instruction sheet which is an excellent resource to reference during your postoperative course.  

We also provide a post operative Love Bag. There are many recovery items included. First, is a donut cushion.  You do not want to put pressure on your labiaplasty so this is great to use when sitting in a chair and riding in the car or airplane. The second thing that we provide is disposable underwear.  The first couple of days after labiaplasty you will have some bleeding, so disposable underwear come in handy.  We also provide maxi pads and Telfa pads.  Telfa is a little bit different, this pad acts as a barrier between your incision lines, maxi pad and your underwear, so that the suture lines do not stick to anything. Another thing that we offer is Dermoplast spray.  This topical numbing spray helps with burning, itching, pain, and discomfort after surgery.  A peri bottle is great for keeping your incisions clean. Filling it with warm water and using it each time you go to the bathroom is recommended.   Preparation H or Tucks wipes are pretty much used in place of toilet paper.  For the first week after labiaplasty, we recommend that you do not use toilet paper but rather these hemorrhoidal wipes because the witch hazel is soothing and they also will not stick to your suture line.  Another important medication is Arnica, this is a homeopathic remedy that helps with pain, swelling, and bruising. We also provide a Cu3 cream, which is a hydrating cream.  You apply this gently to your incision lines starting on post op day four, to keep the incisions from crusting and not separating much. Last but not least, ice packs. After labiaplasty, ice is going to be your friend; ice, ice, and more ice.  This is everything you will need for a successful post op labiaplasty recovery. 

This information is for educational purposes only. For medical advice, consult with your provider.