Queefing: What’s So Bad About It?

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Queefing: What’s So Bad About It?

What is Queefing?

Queefing or Queef (slang) is the expulsion of odorless air from the vagina with accompanying audible noises. In simpler terms- “a vaginal fart”. Queefing is more likely to occur with sexual intercourse (because a penis or sex toy is going in and out of the vagina which pushes air in and out) but it can also occur with exercise such as yoga, pilates, etc.

So What to do About IT?

The only nonsurgical option is to embrace it, love it, and have fun with it. For example, telling your partner, “You know how to make my vagina talk.” Those patients that experience queefing are usually premenopausal and have one or more children. The sexual position definitely produces/exacerbates queefing. The wider the female legs are spread apart, or, the farther back the legs are raised (toward the head), the more likely queefing is to occur. Queefing is least likely to occur in the missionary position.

Can Queefing Be Surgically Addressed?

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For those women who find queefing embarrassing and socially unacceptable, surgical intervention may be your only solution.  Usually, women who queef have some vaginal relaxation and looseness, and experience less grip with intercourse, which is likely due to birth trauma. Having a vaginoplasty or pelvic reconstruction, which would decrease the internal diameter of the vagina and rebuild the shelf of the perineum, would also decrease the amount of air engulfed by the vagina and decrease if not eliminate queefing.

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